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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, WINNING IN MOTION
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, WINNING IN MOTION


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  • Want to learn how to be more relaxed and sure of yourself in the show ring?

    Would you like to be more confident that you're showing and moving your dog to his best advantage?

    Then this film's for you! Enough detail for novices, but plenty of tips and insights for experienced owner-handlers.

    • Canine Gaits Explained With Slow Motion Video
    • Training Head Up and Forward
    • Finding The Right Pace
    • Reading The Ring
    • Ring Procedure
    • Presentation Strategy
    • Handler Movement

    In part one, we cover various canine gaits and teaching dogs to gait properly, including troubleshooting common problems. We also cover how handlers should move and correct footwork.

    In part two, we stage a mock dog show and walk though presentation and procedure, from standing outside the ring to presenting and moving your dog. Strategies and tricks for getting the best out of your dog are also covered.

    This is the third in our "Demand To Win" series of show training films. "Killer Free Stacks" and "Stack and Deliver" cover presentation, free stacking, and hand stacking. "Winning in Motion" covers recognizing correct gait and training puppies and dogs to gait correctly in the ring. Each film stands alone and may be watched separately. But for the ultimate show training education we recommend all three videos together with "Attention is the Mother of All Behaviors".

    Two episodes included - 128 minutes. Originally broadcast live on August 2nd and October 16th, 2016.

  • Film Preview

    Here is a short preview from the "Winning In Motion" film.