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  • Not sure if your dog's impossible? Take this quiz:

    • Have you read every dog training book on the market, yet your dog still ignores you?
    • Have you taken your dog to class and the instructor hinted politely that you'd be better off with a different dog or a different breed of dog?
    • Would you like to do fun things with your dog but it's too humiliating to bring him out in public?
    • Are you tired of explaining to everyone how you can love such an "impossible" dog?

    Even if you answered yes to these questions, we have good news - there's nothing wrong with your dog, and nothing wrong with you for loving him.

    Your dog can be well-behaved just like any other dog - When Pigs Fly!

    Need A Digital Version?

    Amazon offer a Kindle Edition of the book which can be found at the following page:

    When Pigs Fly! - Kindle Edition